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Created 13-Nov-12
38 photos

Seaside DriftwoodMirrored mooringsAffectionEnhydra lutrisSoaringMoon setting over LaurelwoodCarrion in flightBefore the swoopSea of fogmount saint helens, volcano, summer, landscape, mt. st. helens, mountain,volcano, tree, mountain, mount saint helens, blues, sky, branchbrick, white, wall, patterns, texture, cityscape, downtown, industrial,lone sailboat anchored adrift bay blue vancouver island yacht moored fog grey waterAdirondack chairs silhouette Strait of Juan de Fuca Victoria Vancouver Island B.C.Sheringham Point LighthouseEarly morning calmblue, galaxy, hard drive, disk, data, computer, exposed, ibm, business, social,japanese maple, fall, autumn, leaves,Yaquina Head Lighthouse and coastPacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish

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