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Created 8-Sep-12
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Seaside DriftwoodIndian Beach at Ecola State ParkUntitled Fungus #1Ghost ShipBrentwood low tideLacecap hydrangeaSoaringEnhydra lutrisHaliaeetus leucocephalusGaillardiaConeflower with beeSunset over the baycopper pot still shine "hand hammered" potstill distillation craftsmanshipcopper, pot still, metal, fabrication, industrial, alcohol,lava, dome, helens, helens, mount, mt., saint, st., volcano, calderamount saint helens, volcano, summer, landscape, mt. st. helens, mountain,volcano, tree, mountain, mount saint helens, blues, sky, branchorange, koi, pond, green, water, legend, fish, carp, symbol, bravery, perseverance,blue, galaxy, hard drive, disk, data, computer, exposed, ibm, business, social,hard drive disk disc tech technology memory computers

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